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BRITA Professional Complete Service Plan

Protect the value of your BRITA unit.

Choose a BRITA Professional service plan, for maintenance that flows as smoothly as your water does. All your services and scheduled maintenance are covered. What’s more, our expert technicians will ensure your BRITA dispense unit functions exactly as it should. With the added protection that comes with only ever using BRITA Professional genuine parts, you’re ensured optimum performance and durability. Plus, because all work is carried out to exacting BRITA Professional standards, you’re protecting the future value of your water dispense unit with every service.

Our BRITA Professional Service Plans are designed to make servicing affordable, saving you in servicing costs versus pay-as-you-go servicing, while ensuring exceptional care for your water dispense unit.

We are the only team in Ireland who have received dedicated BRITA training in the installation and maintenance of these systems.

As your end-to-end service providers, we work with you throughout the entire lifecycle of your water dispense unit- from site survey and installation to maintenance and servicing.


Your BRITA Professional Service Plan covers 2 pre-planned maintenance visits per year (every 6 months). During your pre-planned maintenance visits, the filters are exchanged with BRITA genuine parts, the water lines are cleaned, c02 gas is replaced, tap seals are reset and a full water unit sanitisation is performed.

Exclusively trained team of expert engineers

Dedicated customer service team

BRITA approved filters and components

Proactive filter changes to keep your equipment and water at its best

We provide national coverage with fast, flexible and reliable call-out times on emergency visits.

Service Expertise

As an authorised BRITA partner, we can offer expert service in the installation and maintenance of all BRITA Professional systems. As your end-to-end service providers, we work with you throughout the entire lifecycle of your equipment.


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