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BRITA PURITY C50 Fresh Filter Cartridge

Price: 45.83

Fast facts

  • Proven Systematic Filter Technology: active carbon filtration in three steps
  • Professionally optimises soft water – also water with a high particle density
  • Intelligent filtration system optimally protects machine and beverage from unwanted particles
  • Easy handling thanks to rapid-change system
  • Includes innovative locking handle for reliable adjustment
  • Integrated flush valve is easy to operate and saves space
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The professional solution for pure coffee enjoyment – specially developed for soft water areas.

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The highest quality and freshness with great taste and perfect freshness – without compromising on quality – those are the benefits you will enjoy if you use the BRITA PURITY Fresh C50 for preparing hot drinks. Thanks to its special active carbon blend, the BRITA PURITY Fresh reduces cloudiness, as well as organic impurities and unwanted odour and tastes from your water. Ensuring complete enjoyment. Developed specifically for potable water with increased particle presence it ensures optimum water preparation and consistent quality.

The professional solution for pure coffee enjoyment – specially developed for soft water areas.

Size C50

  • Capacity: 15,000 l
  • Maximum operating pressure: 8.6 bar
  • Operating position: horizontal or vertical

See the data sheet for more details.

Optimum water quality
Outstanding and consistent water quality – free of unwanted elements that could impair taste and aroma.

Maximum product safety
For uninterrupted operation and safe use.

Simple to use
Operation is simpler and easier than ever.

Test approved
The food safety of BRITA Professional water filter products is tested and monitored by independent institutes.

Trusted BRITA Systematic Filter Technology optimises soft water in three steps:

1 Pre-filtration
A pre-filter retains coarse particles.

2 Activated carbon filtration:
All water runs through an activated carbon filter to reduce taste and aroma impairing substances.

3 Fine filtration
Finally, a fleece retains any remaining fine particles.