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The facts

  • Offers up to three levels of mineralization, for every taste
  • The mineralization cartridge ensures a constantly ideal mineral composition and thus a unique and intense coffee taste
  • Easy to use: works without electricity, provided the water pressure is high enough
  • Safe and easy setup thanks to the BRITA Professional Filter Service app
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Tailor-made water – for optimal machine protection and great-tasting coffee


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BRITA PROGUARD Coffee is a non-electric system that combines several water treatment technologies. It is designed for the desalination of potable water and its subsequent mineralisation for the production of water of high sensory quality.
The water thus produced is intended to be used as feed water for coffee, espresso, and hot drinks machines only. The targeted mineralisation allows the aroma of hot drinks to fully develop. Desalination protects hot drinks machines from particles, limescale, gypsum, and corrosion.

Tailor-made water – for optimal machine protection and great-tasting coffee.

  • Sizes: BRITA PROGUARD 50, 300, 500 and 1100
  • Technology: reverse osmosis / mineralization
  • The capacity varies depending on the initial situation *
  • Max. Operating pressure: 8.6 bar
  • Dimensions (width / depth / height): 366 mm / 509 mm / 621 mm
  • Volume of the storage tank: ~ 6 liters
  • Operating position: vertical

Further details can be found in the data sheet.

* The associated BRITA Professional Filter Service app helps to determine the correct pre-filter and the correct settings and calculates the service life of the cartridges.

Optimal water quality

Excellent and constant water quality – free of substances that interfere with taste and aroma.

Highest product safety

For trouble-free operation and safe use.

Easy to use

Operation is faster and easier than ever.

Confirmed by tests

The food safety of BRITA Professional water filter products is tested and monitored by independent institutes.

The patented multi-cartridge solution combines a reverse osmosis membrane with mineralization and pre-filtration technology.

1 pre-filtration

Protects the reverse osmosis membrane; reduces particles and chlorine; Desired degree of mineralization can be set using the bypass setting.

2 reverse osmosis membrane

Protects against corrosion, limescale and gypsum deposits; holds back over 97% of all salts dissolved in water.

3 mineralization

Ensures the ideal content of minerals; contains activated charcoal to remove substances that could affect the taste.

Non-electric pump

Electricity-free operation for easy installation and operation with a water pressure of more than 3 bar.

storage tank

Ensures a reliable supply of filtered water even at peak times.

6 post-filtration

An activated carbon filter ensures optimal taste